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Chimney Repair & Video Inspection


J&L Chimney provides professional chimney repair and video inspection services.  Whether you have a wood, pellet, gas or coal stove, we can provide you with LIFETIME WARRANTED repairs with quality materials.

Chimney Repair

We offer a wide range of chimney repair service.  We specialize in Masonry repairs, waterproofing, crown rebuilds and re-pointing.  We use specialized roof scaffolding to ensure a safe and quality job while we work on your roof. 

Chimney Relining

Clay Terra Cotta Flue liner is a common type of liner system used in a chimney.  Over time, weatherization, usage, high heat occurences, and acidic deterioration from oil, gas, wood, coal, and pellet fuels cause failure of these liner systems.  This can cause hazardous gases and dangerous heat transfer into the home.  A properly installed Stainless Steel Liner system that is compatible with your appliance is a cost effective technique to fix these issues.

We offer a wide variety of custom stainless steel chimney liner restoration repairs.  We use UL Listed, Forever Warranted Stainless Steel Liners & Components. 

Digital Video Inspection

Our state of the art chimney inspection camera provides you with a 360-degree view and takes pictures and video in full color so you can clearly see the condition of the interior portions of your chimney.  This also provides you with clear and professional documentation for your insurance purposes.


Real Estate Inspection

NFPA 211 Standard requires a Level 2 Chimney Inspection before the sale or transfer of property.  We conduct extensive real estate inspections and we work with several local real estate agents in the area.  Please ask your agent about a Chimney Inspection before you decide to buy or sell a home.  Visit the CSIA.ORG website for more useful homeowner information regarding your chimney.  We offer a video scan and Level 2 inspection on ALL chimney flues and vents during our real estate inspection.  Call for more details!

Contact us today to learn more about our quality chimney repair and video inspection services.

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